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Our History

The roots of InConcert Financial Group® date back to 1966.

Fifty Years of financial services, offering services such as accounting, tax strategy, personal wealth building, and financial coaching


In 1966, Co-Founder Tom Biesheuvel was an Account Manager with a boutique investment firm in San Francisco when he began to realize the benefits of bringing together all elements of a client's financial portfolio, including their tax strategy, into what we now call Total Wealth Management. 


In 1973, Tom acquired the General Business Services firm in Berkeley (part of a national chain that provided business owners with financial statements and advice to improve their ratios and returns), and he began to offer full-service financial consulting.  

In 1975, Tom's friend and tax and accounting expert, Rich Scarpa, joined the firm. With an initial team of four, they focused on strategic and integrated financial coaching in accounting, tax strategies, and personal wealth-building. Over the next 10 years, the firm honed their offerings toward integrated financial service solutions, and this led to a complete suite of financial consulting services for individuals, companies, nonprofit organizations, and trust entities. 


In 1985, we changed the name to Biesheuvel, Scarpa & Co., and in 1989, we purchased and moved into our current building in El Cerrito. 


In 1991, we founded a wealth management and investment division that became our sister company. Heritage Capital Private Asset Management was registered with the Securities Exchange Commission as an investment management firm providing fee-based rather than transaction- and commission-based services. 

Since then, our firms have continued to be at the forefront of integrated financial consulting for individuals and companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. We maintain close and regular contact with our clients to help them make appropriate strategic and tactical adjustments as a result of life or goal changes. 


On January 1, 2007, with the formal addition of our full-scale business growth consulting practice, personal financial planning program, and real-estate advisory services, we became InConcert Financial Group®. This was a more accurate reflection of our mission: to orchestrate integrated financial solutions that are attuned to each client’s goals, values, and unique attributes. 


In 2016, after decades of providing integrated financial solutions to an incredible group of clients, founders Rich Scarpa, EA, and Tom Biesheuvel decided to retire. After tirelessly searching for the right long-term strategic solution, they found the right succession partner in Kelly Crane, CFP®, CLU, CFA, MBA, and TrueNote Investment Advisors, Inc.  

Today, TrueNote is the parent company of InConcert Financial Group®, and we look forward to many more decades of providing integrated financial solutions.  

I have been with this firm for over 35 years for personal and business income tax returns. The service has been excellent through transitions....

—Bob P.