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Small Business Tax Solutions

For Every Business Type

Our passion is helping small businesses with $2-20 MM in revenue optimize their entity selection, minimize their tax liability, and plan for succession and retirement. Whether your business is a sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership, our integrated team can provide everything you need, from bookkeeping and budgeting to tax-minimization plans and sell strategies. 

Start-Ups and Business Purchases 

Choosing the right entity for your new business is critical to your long-term tax efficiency. Our team can help you determine the right structure for you given current tax laws, your personal tax picture, and your long-term business goals.  

If you’re looking to buy a business, we can help you analyze if it’s a good deal.  

Our Human Resources team can also help you launch quickly. From onboarding new employees to creating employee manuals and ensuring you’re in compliance, we specialize in helping small companies navigate employment law.  

Optimize Your Business 

For established businesses, our integrated accounting and CPA teams can serve as your virtual Chief Financial Officer. You’ll have a partner to help you proactively minimize your tax burden, position your company for your strategic goals, and improve your business’s financial health through in-depth analysis of your financial reports.  

Below is a taste of the full suite of services and ways we can help optimize your business: 

  • Business Budgeting: Most small businesses don’t have a budget. We can help you create your first one or analyze an existing one to ensure you have a solid plan for the next year.  
  • Bookkeeping for Better Decisions: While some bookkeeping firms simply enter your expenses in the right accounts, our mission is to help you thoroughly understand your books and help you analyze the reports to make proactive and well-informed financial decisions. 
  • Financial Reports with a Purpose: We help you optimize your accounting processes and financial statements toward a variety of end-uses, such as business-owner succession planning, tax planning, raising funds, or an IRS review. 
  • Income Tax Minimization Strategies: At our core, we’re strategic tax planners. With a strong technical knowledge of new and existing tax laws, we’ll develop a plan and projection to minimize your tax liability. 
  • Accounting & Payroll Optimization: We’ll guide you on procedures to optimize your internal accounting and payroll procedures. We're passionate about helping clients better understand what goes into their reports so they can make better personal or business financial decisions. 
  • Virtual CFO Reviews: With accounting, bookkeeping, and CPAs in house, we’re proactively reviewing your monthly financial reports to identify any tax-saving opportunities.   

Prepare for the Future 

  • Retirement Planning: If you haven’t started a retirement plan yet, we can help you choose the one that 1) best preserves operating cash flow for the company and 2) establishes your nest egg.  
  • Exit Strategies & Succession Planning: If your exit strategy is dissolving, selling, or succession, we can help develop a tax-efficient, strategic plan that balances the company’s future, your retirement needs, and the company’s need for cash today. 

We have a passion for helping small and mid-sized companies, and we’re pleased to offer a complimentary consultation. Feel welcome to ask us a question or schedule a consultation.  

These guys are amazing if you are a sole proprietor or if you own your own business. I didnt really know anything about the various tax write-offs I could take as a small business owner, and they saved me $7k difference this year between what H&R told me.

Gwenyth K.